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    Door-opening Detector

    €35,50 sin IVA
    The AZ-10M is designed to indicate an intrusion by sensing the opening of doors or windows . The magnetic contact detector responds to the removal of the door- or window-mounted permanent magnet from the main unit.
    Manually tampering with the detector, or any attempt to remove it from the window or door frame leads to the transmission of a tamper signal. The detector performs regular auto-testing and regularly reports its condition to the system.

    Motion Detector

    €32,89 sin IVA
    The AZ-10P is designed to detect human movement in a protected area . The detector is particularly suited to rooms with multiple entrances. Signals are transmitted using secure protocol radio signals. Any tampering with the product or attempt to remove it results in sending a tamper signal. The detector performs regular auto-testing and reports its conditions regularly to the system

    Optical Smoke Detector

    €46,69 sin IVA
    The AZ-10S detector reacts to the presence of smoke (visible smoke) and also to exceeding a high temperature in the room caused by fire. It has a built-in siren.
    It contains two separate detectors - an optical smoke detector and a heat detector . The optical smoke detector operates on the principle of scattered light and is very sensitive to larger particles, which are dense but is less sensitive to small particles from burning liquids such as alcohol, and so has a built-in temperature sensor. The microprocessor performs advanced digital analysis to avoid false alarms.