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    X10 Appliance Module

    €42,93 IVA incluido
    alternativas: INS 2633-432

    Lamp Module

    €29,95 IVA incluido
    The Dimmer plug-in module is a 300W receiver unit that works as a remote dimmer.
    The connected lamp can still be switched on and off locally. The dimmer function, however, is by an X10 remote control.
    The dimmer module can be used at any wall outlet in the house with incandescent lamps between 40W and 300W. As the dimmer is simply inserted into wall outlets like an ordinary plug, there is no installation necessary. Just adjust the settings on the front side to the desired device address (e.g. F9) and note this address down in a list. The lamp connected to the dimmer module can still be controlled locally by its own switch, but do not forget to leave the local switch in the "ON" position, otherwise the lamp cannot be controlled by an X10 controller. Switch the lamp off by remote control.
    The LM12E responds to STANDARD X10 protocols: "All lights on" or "All units off" from any X10 controller set to its house code, regardless of unit code. Or alternatively, by individual unit control using "On", "Off", "Bright" and "Dim".

    Wired Lamp Module

    €36,78 IVA incluido
    The Wired Lamp Module is a small module that can be fitted easily in any false ceiling, wall, etc... to control your lights. The module can be installed directly into lighting fixtures. It can be built-in, wired to the light or lamp it has to controlled. Its small size allows you to fit this module almost anywhere. The perfect module when you want your X10 modules to be installed out of sight.

    Plug-In Lamp Module

    €24,90 IVA incluido
    When an incandescent lamp is plugged onto this module, it can be controlled using any X10 controller or locally via the ON/OFF button on the module.
    Simply press the ON/OFF button on the module to toggle between ON and OFF states or send an X10 command to it.
    Using an X10 controller, this module can also respond to the X10 Bright/Dim command.

    Actuador de carril DIN

    €59,50 IVA incluido
    Equipo descontinuado
    AW12 + Caixa para calha DIN
    INS_2453-422 Atuador On/Off para calha DIN

    El X10 DIN rail interruptor es un relé de control remoto. Discretamente instalado en la caja de conexiones, cambia los circuitos cableados con varios interruptores de alumbrado (pasillo). El relé interno puede ser activado por interruptores de pared sea de enganche o acción momentánea o por un controlador X10.

    El AD11 responde a los protocolos estándar de X10: "Todas las unidades off" desde cualquier controlador X10 establecido en su código de casa, independientemente del código de la unidad. O, alternativamente, la unidad de control individual mediante "On" y "Off". Cuando el relé está energizado, el LED situado encima del interruptor se ilumina.

    Disponibilidad: Agotado

    Dimming actuator

    €44,99 IVA incluido
    The LW12 is an in-wall module with built-in dimmer that can be installed behind existing momentary switches or wall outlets.

    The LW12 can be controlled with X10 signals via the mains or a momentary switch connected to the LW12. The LW12 has a memory setting for the last dimmer setting and uses SoftStart and SoftDim. The LW12 is the only X10 module that doesn't use a zero wire. This means it can replace a switch without having to use any extra wiring.

    The AW 12 reacts to the standard X10 commands that are: "All Units On", "All Units Off", "All Lights Off" from any X-10 controller set to its house code regardless of unit code or alternatively individual unit control by "On" an "Off" commands.

    House code and unit code are programmed using any X10 compatible controllers. There is an EEPROM that stores the house and unit code even when the power is cut.

    Dimming actuator/interface 230V

    €99,95 IVA incluido
    Dimming actuator for installation behind retractive switches and wall sockets or in distribution boxes.
    Suitable for remote or on-site operation of lighting.

    Micromodulo actuador

    €49,19 IVA incluido
    Interruptor para insertar dentro de los cajetines de la instalación. Transforma un interruptor/pulsador convencional en un interruptor controlable X-10. Permite el control local y remoto del encendido y apagado de luces y aparatos.

    Los micromódulos utilizan comunicación X10 y están diseñados para ser situados al fondo de los "cajetines de mecanismo", detrás de cualquier mecanismo de interruptor o enchufe.
    El módulo responde al estándar X-10 las instrucciones individuales como:
    "ON" (encendido) /
    "OFF" (apagado) /
    “All lights ON” /
    “All lights OFF” /
    “All Units OFF”
    enviadas desde cualquier controlador X-10 que coincida con el código de casa del módulo.
    El Micromódulo reconoce la acción de un pulsador o de de un interruptor. Todos los cierres de contacto momentáneo o continuo deben realizarse a la Fase.
    Si se emplea un pulsador, el relé cambia de estado cada vez que se realiza una pulsación, siempre y cuando el tiempo del contacto dure menos de 2 segundos.
    Si se emplea un conmutador, se asume que el tiempo de contacto tendrá una duración superior a 2 segundos. En este caso el relé cambia de estado al abrir el contacto (OFF) y al cerrarlo (ON). Este tipo de respuesta permitirá a la unidad realizar un control mediante “llaves conmutadas” si se dispone de dos conmutadores.
    El AW12 usa comunicación x-10 de una sola vía.
    Disponibilidad: El pedido se enviará tan pronto como el artículo esté disponible

    Two load appliance in-wall module

    €35,55 IVA incluido
    The S2268HE module allow to control two individual loads, being small enough to fit behind a wall switch or junction box. It allows to control both internal relay either using any conventional electric switch (push buttons are not supported) or remotely, using any X-10 compatible controller.

    This module has a special feature which allows setting 16 distinct X-10 addresses to each internal relay. This is very useful to create macros.

    Two load lamp in-wall module

    €35,55 IVA incluido
    The S2266M module allow to dim two individual lamps, being small enough (43 x 47 x 18,9 mm) to fit behind a wall switch or junction box. It allows to control both internal relay either using any conventional electric switch (push buttons are not supported) or remotely, using any X-10 compatible controller.

    This module has a special feature which allows setting 16 distinct X-10 addresses to each internal relay. This is very useful to create macros.

    In-wall filter

    €42,93 IVA incluido
    Some electric devices generate some electric noise and send them to the network. This noise not only affects other devices (for instance, they can cause interference on Hi-Fi stereos) but they can also affect the quality of your X-10 network. Other devices, specially using capacity loads (e.g. UPS) absorb the X-10 signals, avoiding them to reach the destination in the best possible conditions.

    The S4813M, is an in-wall module especially design to filter all noise generated from the device connected to it. It supports loads with a maximum of 5A.

    For additional information about X-10 noise and interferences, please consult the X-10 Info section.


    €5,54 IVA incluido
    The Uni-Remote is designed to control up to 8 devices: TV, VCR, CBL(decoder, set top box), ASAT (analog satellite receiver), DSAT (digital satellite receiver) or any other device under AUX mode key. The Uni-Remote contains a library of codes thar are preprogrammed into the remote control. This library covers nearlly all the audio video products on the market today. The codes have to be programmed once before use.
    Disponibilidad: 2 en stock

    X10 PC RF Encrypted Interface (Serial Port)

    €18,45 IVA incluido

    Programmer and Controller

    €786,52 IVA incluido

    Encrypted remote control 8 in 1 - touch screen (IR+RF+X10)

    €61,50 IVA incluido
    The 4073 is a universal command with a tactile screen, with a backlight of deep blue, especially geared towards the control of X-10 devices by encrypted radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) signals, allowing however the control of 4 multimedia devices (DVD, TV, etc.) by IR. It is compatible with the X-10 RF encrypted receiver S4022, being able to control all the house codes, unit codes and the X-10 commands “On”, “Off”, “All Lights On”, “All Units Off”, “Dim” and “Bright”.
    Its memory is well adapted to the day-by-day needs, being able to store 4 macros with up to 8 commands each and to learn IR commands to control 4 different devices.
    It has a keyboard lock and is supplied with a docking base to be applied to the wall.

    Interfaz de Ordenador Xanura

    €553,50 IVA incluido
    La interfaz de ordenador Xanura le permite controlar todas las aplicaciones a través de módulos X10.

    Puede guardar escenarios en el módulo CIX para que se ejecuten automáticamente incluso con la interfaz desconectada del equipo. La adición o modificación de escenarios puede realizarse de forma muy sencilla. con el software Xanura incluido. Este software permite también programar los llamados escenarios condicional; por ejemplo, "SE" el interruptor es operado "E" está oscuro, "ENTONCES" la iluminación de la sala se enciende ...

    Al instalar el software incluido, puede controlar automáticamente dispositivos o grupos de dispositivos X10 de conmutación basados en un reloj / calendario electrónico.

    Signal Strength Indicator

    PLC Auto
    €212,24 IVA incluido

    Internal / External R.F. Motion Detector

    €36,78 IVA incluido
    Imagine you won't need to tell the kids any more to turn off the lights when they leave their bedroom. With the MS13E Occupancy Sensor, it will be done automatically. Imagine not having to search for a light switch in the dark. The MS13E will turn on the lights when you enter. And for the "sophisticated", with the CM15 Computer Interface you can set up macros to run when the MS13E senses "occupancy" or not. With the CM11E time-delay feature you could have sequenced lighting. So it's not only the garage or front door lights which you may wish to control by the MS13E Occupancy sensor. However, don't forget everytime a light or heater is switched off because nobody is in the room, you save money. The MS13E Motion Detector sends Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals to an X10 Transceiver (TM13E) or any X10 security system base receiver. The receiver then passes the signals onto your house wiring to turn on lights (or appliances) around your home. The MS13E will send a RF signal to turn off the light at the users pre-determined time. The user can set the MS13E to turn off at 1,2,4,8,16,32,64, 128 or 256 minimum later as long as no motion has been detected. Note that the MS13E has a built-in photocell that detects when it's dark. The user can select to use the photocell to only turn lights on when it's dark. In this condition the MS13E does not transmit its RF signal during daylight. Alternatively the user may choose not to use the photocell and the MS13E will transmit day and night that there is someone there. In addition, the MS13E sends signals when it detects dusk and dawn so it can turn a light on when it gets dark and turn it off when it gets light (in addition to turning lights on when it detects motion, when it's dark).

    Módulo de aparato para enchufe de exterior (Tipo G- Shuco)

    €15,99 IVA incluido

    El módulo ON/OFF de enchgufe AM19RF de Haibrain® le permite controlar de forma remota, inalámbrica sus luces y electrodomésticos a través de X10 RF.

    El módulo es un receptor de X10 RF y es capaz de recibir comandos de todos los transmisores de RF, como MS13, SS11 y todos los demás controladores de X10 RF. El AM19RF convierte un señal recibido en una orden directa (ON/OFF) para la luz o dispositivo conectado a él.

    El receptor RF AM19RF tiene las mismas características de AM17RF. Sin embargo, el AM19RF es capaz de ser utilizado al aire libre, la cubierta protege contra la salida de salpicaduras de agua (IP44). Para asegurarse de que el módulo es resistente al agua, se recomienda utilizar en una posición vertical con la tapa abatible en la parte superior y el uso de una toma con tierra. En segundo lugar asegúrese de que la tapa está cerrada cuando no hay dispositivos conectados.

    Universal Alarm Interface

    €44,99 IVA incluido
    Connects to an existing system and turns on lights when tripped. It has 3 modes of operation:
    In mode 1 the SM10 will turn On all Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules set to its House code, and will also turn On any other Modules set to its Unit code, a stereo connected to an Appliance Module, for example. All Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Module are left in the On state when the system is deactivated, but the Module set to the same Unit code as the SM10 will turn Off.
    In mode 2 the SM10 will FLASH all lights connected to Lamp Modules or Wall Switch Modules. All Lamp and Wall Switch Modules will be left in the On state when the system is de-activated but Appliance modules set to the same House code as the SM10 will turn Off.
    In mode 3 the SM10 will turn ON any Module set to the same House Code and Unit Code as the SM10 when the system is activated and turns it OFF when the input contact is opened.
    Set the input switch to A for triggering the interface by a low voltage input (6-8 V AC, DC or audio), to B for triggering the interface by a dry contact closure. Do not connect 220V to the input terminal!
    The SM10 has a test button which allows you to activate it whether or not it is connected to a system. The All light off button allows you to turn off anything which has been turned on by the interface.
    To install the SM10 (is expected to be installed inside the security controller panel) :
    • Connect the system output to the screw terminals.
    • Connect the flying lead to the 230V power supply, most likely at the 230V side of the transformer.

    Paddle for SW10G, LW11G e AW10G

    €4,99 IVA incluido
    Paddle for SW10G, LW11G e AW10G.

    SW10 Shutter switch, in-wall, on / off / dim

    €54,99 IVA incluido
    Nota: este equipo está fuera de stock hasta nuevos desarrollos. En este momento, no está claro que el fabricante vuelva a producir el producto por lo que sugerimos soluciones compatibles:

    INS_2444-422 - Micromódulo de Persianas de INSTEON es compatible con X10 .

    El Mando de persianas Empotrable SW10 está destinado al manejo de sistemas motorizados de Persianas, Toldos, Cortinas. De esta forma podrá controlar mediante el Sistema X-10 el cierre / apertura, tanto parcial como total del sistema de persianas, toldos o cortinas, directamente desde el mando, o de forma remota mediante mandos a distancia, controladores,... del sistema X10.
    El Mando de Persianas Empotrable SW10 recibe las señales X-10 inyectadas en la red eléctrica a través de los diferentes sistemas X-10 (Mando a distancia y Transceptor, Mini Programador, Modulo de control desde PC...) y “Sube” o “Baja” la persiana o toldo motorizado que esté conectada al circuito.
    Es posible su manejo manual, accionando directamente el propio mecanismo de pared.
    Si el mensaje de control es en formato estándar X-10, la unidad puede ser:

    Completamente abierta en respuesta al comando: "ON"
    Completamente cerrada en respuesta al comando: "OFF"
    Ponerse medio abierta en respuesta al comando: "BRIGHT" o "DIM".

    Single Button Wall Lamp Switch Module (2 wires)

    €46,00 IVA incluido
    Normal Wall switch operation or remote control using any X10 compatible r.f., infra-red, desktop or PC controllers.
    Create multiple scenes controls.
    Can be controlled by event triggering e.g. motion detection, etc.
    Disponibilidad: 2 en stock

    Double Button Wall Lamp Switch (2 Wires)

    €46,00 IVA incluido
    Disponibilidad: 3 en stock

    Double Button Wall Lamp Switch (3 Wires)

    €46,00 IVA incluido
    Disponibilidad: 4 en stock

    ebode Lamp module

    €29,95 IVA incluido
    The RPL is a lamp module, X10 compatible, that receives Powerline signals.
    The dimmer include in this equipment is prepared to control 230V incandescent or halogen loads from 60 to 150W.
    The RPL sends and receives the following commands: X10 ON/OFF, DIM/BRIGHT, ALL LIGHTS ON, ALL LIGHTS OFF and ALL UNITS OFF.
    The module address is electronically programmed.

    Mini Timer

    €44,90 IVA incluido
    It can be programmed so easily as an alarm clock.
    It allows 8 timed events.
    Can be used as na alarm clock.
    Disponibilidad: 2 en stock

    Pack 3 Módulos de aparato de dos cargas

    €106,64 IVA incluido

    Los módulos S2268HE permiten controlar dos cargas individuales, siendo lo suficientemente pequeño para caber detrás de un interruptor de pared o caja de conexiones. Permite controlar tanto el relé interno, ya sea usando cualquier interruptor eléctrico convencional (pulsadores no son compatibles) o de forma remota, usando cualquier controlador compatible X-10.

    Este módulo tiene una característica especial que permite el establecimiento de 16 distintas direcciones X-10 para cada relé interno. Esto es muy útil para crear macros.

    Pack 5 Single Button Wall Lamp Switch Modules (2 wires)

    €155,60 IVA incluido
    Normal Wall switch operation or remote control using any X10 compatible r.f., infra-red, desktop or PC controllers. Create multiple scenes controls.
    Can be controlled by event triggering e.g. motion detection, etc.
    Disponibilidad: 1 en stock

    Simtone Double gang frame

    €5,23 IVA incluido
    Double gang frame for S2222E, S2223E, S2224E, S2225E, S3160E e S4206E switches.

    Simtone Triple gang frame

    €6,27 IVA incluido
    Triple gang frame for S2222E, S2223E, S2224E, S2225E, S3160E e S4206E switches.

    X10 Switch triple gang frame

    €20,04 IVA incluido
    Triple gang frame for AW10G, LW11G e SW10G switchs
    Disponibilidad: 2 en stock

    Mini remote control

    €32,29 IVA incluido
    The KR22 is a remote control with the size of a credit card.
    Is reduced size allows to be store in a pocket or purse. The capability of sending the “On”, “Off”, “Dim” and “Bright” commands can control 4 different X-10 addresses. It sends RF signals to any X-10 RF receptor.
    Disponibilidad: Agotado

    Pack 10 two load appliance in-wall modules

    €307,49 IVA incluido
    The S2268M module allow to control two individual loads, being small enough (43 x 47 x 18,9 mm) to fit behind a wall switch or junction box. It allows to control both internal relay either using any conventional electric switch (push buttons are not supported) or remotely, using any X-10 compatible controller.

    R.F. micromodule pack

    €46,95 IVA incluido
    Radio control of lights and other devices. Easy to use.
    The RMML actuator micromodules can be concealed behind regular switches, ceilings, technical boxes, etc. and can be controlled by the EM, R.F. switch emitter (battery operated), which can be placed anywhere in the wall or furniture.