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    iConnect2 full two way system (IP+3G)

    €379.77 incl tax
    The iConnect Control System is a full-featured 2-way wireless control system that is expected to provide a solution to the needs of most residential installations. This system has been developed based upon a design concept geared towards easy installation and use. With this in mind, the user interface is based on a simple, menu-driven model that suits the essential requirements of both the user and installer alike. You can program the iConnect Control System on-site using the on-Front Panel keypad or PC, or off-site via a PC using local programming option of the Remote Programmer.


    €679.99 incl tax
    Kit SecuSafe 2G/IP 868MHz with:
    1x 2-way iConnect 2G/IP (Ref: iC2GIP)
    1x Wireless 2-Way PIR/PET Camera Detector (Ref: EL-4855PI)
    1x 2-Way Dual Magnetic Contact Universal Transmitter (Ref: EL-4801DZ)
    1x Wireless Round Multi-Function Keyfob (Ref: EL-4714)

    The 2-Way iConnect 2G/IP is a powerful, versatile, 2-way wireless intrusion system designed for residential and small-business markets. It includes a 2G/IP module inside.
    The connection to the ELAS server or cloud-based Risco Cloud allows users to remotely control their iConnect 2-way systems through the MyELAS application (also available through the web browser). The visual verification is also compatible with infrared camera detectors (PIRCAM) that allows users to view images, on demand, of their homes or businesses directly from their smartphones, will allow you to feel safe with everything under control and at all times. Users will receive email / SMS / voice notifications in the event of an alarm, and can also arm or disarm their 2 way remote iConnect systems.
    IConnect 2-way is compatible with GPRS, GSM and IP (ADSL), there is also a version with IP communication and RTC (EL-IPTA). It can be configured remotely by the installer with a significant time and inconvenience. A wide range of 2-way detectors and accessories can be used with the system.

    The Wireless 2-Way PIR / PET Camera Detector is a battery powered 2-Way wireless PIR/PET detector that includes an integrated camera for visual verification and is compatible with all Electronics Line 2-Way security systems.

    The 2-Way Dual Magnetic Contact Universal Transmitter is a 2-Way wireless device that can be defined as a magnetic contact, universal transmitter or both in combination. The EL4601DZ is for use with the iConnect 2-Way security system.

    The Wireless Round Multi-Function Keyfob is anEL’s newly designed miniature keyfob that can easily fit onto a keychain for fashionable convenience and control. The wireless device uses a single off-the-shelf battery, with efficient power use for longer battery life. It's a four-button keyfob with five functions: Full, Part & Perimeter Arm, Disarm, Home Automation On/Off, Panic Alarm Generation. It has LED transmission indication and also flashes to indicate low battery. Includes status indication.

    Risco Cloud since 01/06/2022 has an associated fee.

    This reference will be sold until the end of the actual manufacturer stock