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    Frame + double paddle system55

    €9.00 excl tax
    HK 07 Set composed of frame and double paddle for ZWzmeEWALLC-2.
    Availability: 4 in stock

    Frame + single paddle BJ arcticwhite

    €7.99 excl tax
    Bush Jaeger Duro 2000 Set in white composed of frame and single paddle for ZWzmeWALLC-S.
    Availability: 2 in stock

    On/off Switch for Everlux

    €16.18 excl tax €60.48 excl tax
    This pattress box insert of the manufacturer Duwi is intended to control all kinds of electrical loads. A 230V powered pattress box is needed for installation. The product consists of:
    • the insert, which can be used with or without local control
    • a special mounting plate to mount the insert into a pattress box
    • a mounting frame for Duwi Everlux series , color standard white
    • the switching paddle for local control of the dimmer

    The unit is designed for use within a 3-wire system, which means that a neutral wire (blue) is needed for operations. It will be included and controlled in a Z-Wave network from a remote control, a wireless control centre or any other kind of Z-Wave controller including a PC-software.
    Availability: 7 in stock

    RaZberry2 - Z-Wave Plug-On Module for Raspberry Pi

    ZWzme RAZ2
    €49.00 excl tax
    The Z-Wave.Me RaZberry turns every Raspberry PI into a Z-Wave smart home gateway. The bundle of hardware and precompiled Z-Wave wireless network management software waits to be completed by your own user interface running in a web browser or a mobile phone.

    The Z-Wave software provides an easy to understand and easy to use interface applying the well-known JavaScript interface technology JSON on a built-in web server. Writing your own home automation apps was never easier and more affordable!

    The RaZberry 2 has an optimized antenna, wherewith the module can achieve a range of up to 200 meters.
    Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.

    USB Stick incl. Z-Way Controller Software

    €73.13 excl tax

    This USB Stick connects a PC or any other computing platform with USB interface to a wireless Z-Wave network.

    The device already contains a license to run Z-Way, the certified Z-Wave Controller software available for various operating systems and platforms.

    This stick and Z-Way work with all certified Z-Wave devices regardless of its vendor or date of origin. Just plug in the USB stick to your Windows or Linux machine or Raspberry Pi and download Z-Way.

    In short UZBWAY = UZB1 + Z-WAY

    Z-Uno V2 - Z-Wave Board for Arduino

    €48.36 excl tax
    Z-Uno is the first and only easy to use developer board that allows you to create your own Z-Wave device without deep knowledge of Z-Wave protocol or programming. Z-Uno is a mix of Z-Wave home automation radio protocol power and Arduino simplicity. Being inspired by Arduino project Z-Uno inherits all concepts of easy-to-use hardware and software solutions, keeping maximum flexibility.
    Z-Uno is a fully DIY product. It is made for those who are limited by existing choice of Z-Wave products and wants to extend their smart homes with more sensors and actuators: connect LEDs, buttons, switches, motors or any low voltage sensor including most of Arduino compatible sensors.
    Z-Uno programming is done by writing sketch in simplified C language and loaded into Z-Uno using Arduino IDE. Many examples and comprehensive tutorials will help you to make your own project.
    Being Z-Wave Plus certified device, Z-Uno is the perfect companion for you RaZberry gateway. Z-Uno is compatible with other controllers too: among them Fibaro Home Center 2/Lite, Vera Edge and Zipato Zipabox.

    Z-Wave USB Stick

    €32.50 excl tax

    This USB Stick connects a PC or any other computing platform with USB interface to a wireless Z-Wave network.

    A third party controller software compatible to the Sigma Designs Serial API is required to use the functions of the device. The third party software plus this UZB realize a static controller to manage and use Z-Wave devices of various vendors.

    This stick works with all certified Z-Wave devices regardless of its vendor or date of origin. The Sigma Designs Serial API specification is available to all owners of a Sigma Designs Z-Wave SDK.

    Please note that this product does not contain a license to run Z-Wave.Me’s controller software Z-Way. You can however upgrade the stick to accommodate this function using a licensing key ZWzme_ZWAYLIC.