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    Invisible Control 6

    €59.99 excl tax
    Infrared extender | emitter (adhesive) LEDs | 6 devices | extra small receiver

    • Intended to operate up to 6 devices inside 1 or 2 compartments of a closed (TV) cabinet, using your own remote control.
    • Works with virtually all brands and models and is suitable for new infrared code formats (such as RC-MM), which are used in many new HD devices and digital TV decoders.
    • Best filtering technology in the market, developed and tested for all European TV decoder providers
    • Due to advanced filtering techniques, impervious to use near flat screen TVs (LCD, LED) and with indirect sunlight.
    • With the exception of the tiny infrared receiver, the complete set can be placed completely out of sight.
    • Works on USB mains power (adapter included) or can be connected to a free USB port on one of your audio visual devices.

    Mains Powered IR remote control extender over COAX (IR Link C)

    €35.73 excl tax
    The ebode Ir Link C is a mains powered InfraRed Extender System that allows full remote control operation of audio / video components (such as youy Blu-ray Player, A/V Receiver, DVR, Satellite Box, Cable tuner, etc) wich are located in another rooam and makes use of existing coax cable (CATV).
    Availability: 2 in stock

    Battery Powered Infrared Remote Control Extender (IR Link B)

    €20.28 excl tax
    The ebode IR Link B is a battery powered InfraRed Extender System that allows full remote control operation of audio/video components (such as your Blu-ray Player, A/V receiver, DVR, Satellite Box, Cable tuner, etc) wich are located behind closed cabinet doors or other concealed and/or out-of-sight locations.
    Availability: 1 in stock

    IR extender over HDMI

    €32.48 excl tax
    The ebode IR over HDMI set, HDIK30 contains two IR Adapters, one IR Receiver and one IR Blaster. These products are used for the ebode HDMI splitters (HDSPLIT12 and HDSPLIT14), switchers (HDSWITCH31 and HDSWITCH51) and could also be used as a stand-alone IR over HDMI solution. This kit features two selectable IR modes; CEC and IR. CEC is used when your device (TV, DVD, STB etc.) is CEC compatible. When your device is CEC compatible* you do not need to use the included IR Receiver and IR Blaster since receiving and sending of IR is done over the IR Receiver build into your TV and sources (DVD, STB etc.).
    Availability: 1 in stock

    Triple Infrared Emitting Diode

    €8.09 excl tax
    The IRED Emitter contains one or more tiny infrared LED’s housed in a miniature, mouse shaped, black appearing, injection molded plastic shell. It emits IR (infrared) control signals sent to it by IR receivers or other controllers. The IRED can be installed directly on the IR sensor window of the controlled device or other suitable location.

    LED = Light Emitting Diode

    Powermid Bi-Power

    €6.50 excl tax
    Control any A/V source: satellite, DVD, VCR, HiFi, etc. from a distant TV, with your existing remote control, even trough walls and ceiling!
    Up to 30m range!*

    * - Depends on environmental conditions.

    Powermid Bi-Power receiver

    €18.66 excl tax
    The RE10B is an extra receiver for the Powermid Bi-Power.. Add several Powermid Bi-Power to expand your system and control several equipments placed in different locations from the same room.

    Powermid Bi-Power Transmitter

    €18.66 excl tax
    The ST10B is an extra transmitter that allows to add another IR receiver to your Powermid Bi-Power system.