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    Siren kit for outdoor, wired to the central Homeprotector

    €60.87 excl tax
    Siren kit external, wired to the security console SC-28 Homeprotector.
    When the control panel SC-28 is triggered, sends a set of X10 signals to the grid that can be used to activate the lighting of your home or signaling systems such as sirens or fireflies.

    Remote Chime

    €23.86 excl tax
    The Remote Chime is designed to work with the X10 Security Console or Home Controller to provide a pleasant annunciator chime when someone approaches. It will also respond as Siren in case the Security Console is activated. It can also be activated using the correct House Code and Unit Code from any X10 controller.

    PowerHorn Siren

    €58.56 excl tax
    PowerHorn is used as an additional audio alarm unit for use with the Home Security System which gives an additional independent 110 decibel sound output when the security system is triggered. The PowerHorn will only trip a few seconds later after the alarm trips. It counts the sequence transmitted to flash lights connected to Lamp Modules after the lights have flashed 4 or 5 times. This prevents it from being accidentally tripped from any other X10 controller.
    You can also trip the PowerHorn from any other X10 controller, which is useful in panic situations.
    It can be added anywhere around the home; nobody wants to hang around when one of these activate.