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    Frient Smart Plug Mini (F) - Schuko

    €32.51 excl tax
    On, off, on, off. frient Smart Plug Mini. A device that controls your electrical appliances and reduces your electricity consumption. The Smart Plug Mini is an intelligent electricity consumption tracker and switch. Simply plug the Smart Plug Mini into an electrical outlet and connect any electrical device to it. Now you can monitor consumption and start switching devices on or off. You can program smart plugs to turn on the lights at any given time - even outside the home. Controlling your energy consumption throughout the house.

    frient Smart Cable

    €53.60 excl tax
    Hang up and save money. frient Smart Cable. Imagine always having a frient watching over your electrical appliances and helping you to control them. A device that turns on your electrical appliances when you need them and turns them off when you're not using them. A frient who wants his everyday life to be greener and opens the way for you. Become aware of the energy. The friently Smart Cable is an electricity consumption tracker and a remote switch. Connect your frient to the cable of your electric radiator, fan or other electrical device and it will be ready to monitor consumption. It also allows you to turn the device on and off remotely.

    Frient Motion Sensor Basic

    €29.23 excl tax
    A device that lets you know if there's anything to move around your home while you're away. Keeps your home safe and lets you know if your elderly grandfather needs help, no matter how far away you are. Place the Motion Sensor in different rooms of your home and track it when something or someone is gone when you are away. At home, the frantic sensor is responsible for turning on lights like when you enter a room or turning off the music when you leave it. The motion sensor can also act as a health monitor for your elderly relatives who live alone. Check your grandmother from afar and be warned if something is wrong with her. Ensures that even the most anterior corner of your home is safe, giving you complete peace of mind. Your motion sensor can have a good overview of the entire room from an upper corner or keep an eye on the doors and windows.

    Frient Entry Sensor Basic

    €29.23 excl tax
    Keep intruders away. frient Entry Sensor Basic. A device that alerts you if you forgot to close a window. A frient that alerts you if someone enters your home while you are away. One step ahead of intruders. Installed on a door or window, the entrance sensor tracks when it is opened and closed. With this new frient, you will be alerted immediately if someone is opening a window or door in your home - it allows you to act before the intruder does it. Use the speed sensor to make sure your kids get home from school on time, or check how often your elderly relative leaves home. Don't worry about the sensor running out of battery. With its long battery life, your frient will always be active to take care of your home and family.

    Frient Motion Sensor Pro

    €38.99 excl tax
    frient Motion Sensor Pro. The frient sensor is a smart home device that allows you to detect motion, light and temperature. all in one. A device that sends messages if something is moving at home while you are at work. You can take care of your elderly grandmother who lives far away and alert you if something is wrong with her. A safe home starts with a smart frient. Motion Sensor Pro is designed to help you throughout the day wherever you are. Frient lets you know if there's movement in your home when it shouldn't - allowing you to act quickly and protect it Want to turn on the lights, turn off the music or adjust the thermostat? frient is there to do it for you. Want to check out a loved one who lives alone? The Zigbee-based Motion Sensor Pro also functions as a health monitor, tracking movements at your grandmother's house and telling you if something is not right. There are no more blind spots. Install your Motion Sensor Pro where it fits best and have a good view of your home. Your new smart home appliance comes with different mounting options, offering maximum flexibility to position your sensors discreetly but effectively. Your easy-to-use housesitter. Motion Sensor Pro offers advanced technology, but is easy to install. With great usability comes great responsibility, and your frient will not disappoint you. This makes household routines automated and security uncomplicated. Wake up, go to work, feel in control. Eat, sleep, relax, repeat. The house is always just a click away.

    Frient Entry Sensor Pro

    €34.10 excl tax
    Open, close, open. frient Entry Sensor Pro. Imagine always having a frient watching doors, windows and temperature in your home. Someone who lets you know if you left a window open. A frient who warns you if someone enters your home when you’re not there. Someone who wants you to enjoy being away on vacation – and not worry about the safety of your home while you’re gone. Outsmart intruders. Keeping your home and family safe and secure is a top priority. Take control and make sure your home is never left without supervision. Feel at ease when you’re not at home knowing that you can always keep an eye on it. With a friently sensor, you'll be alerted instantly if someone is opening a window or door in your home – allowing you to act before intruders do. Are my home and family safe? Place the frient Entry Sensor Pro on a door or a window, and it'll start tracking when it's opened and closed and how warm it is in your home. This way, you can make sure you're kids are home from school and warm enough or check, how often your elderly grandma leaves the house. You'll have peace of mind, knowing that you can trust your frient to keep an eye on your family. With the Entry Sensor Pro’s long battery life, you can be sure your home is always superivsed.