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    433MHz RF Repeater

    €28.37 excl tax
    This module will receive data and retransmit them. Its range is 50 meters in open field, which may reduce between divisions depending on the thickness and material of the walls. It is necessary to pay special attention to the situations when the controller still reach the receiver, because it can cause receive the orders twice, one from the controller and another from the repeater.

    Gray Double Paddle

    €2.85 excl tax
    Gray double paddle for DI-O switch.

    Gray Simple Paddle

    €2.85 excl tax
    Gray simple paddle, for DI-O switches.

    Wireless Bell

    €19.90 excl tax
    Wireless door bell with a range of 30 meters. It has several melodies and ringing volumes. The button can function as DI-O controller to actuate a lamp. The bell is connected to an outlet and can function as DI-O receiver and can be actuated by a motion detector for example.