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    6 Pack FIBARO

    €707.20 excl tax €884.00 excl tax
    Pack with 6 FIBARO devices:

    1 x HomeCenter3;
    5 x FIBARO insert modules of your choice
    ZWFIB FGS-214 - Fibaro Smart Module
    ZWFIB FGS-224 - Módulo inteligente dual Fibaro
    ZWFIB FGR-223 – Blind Control Insert
    ZWFIB FGS-213 - Relay Insert
    ZWFIB FGS-223 – Relay Insert 2
    ZWFIB FGD-212 - Dimmer 2 - 250W Universal Insert Module
    ZWfibFGRGBWM441 - RGBW Controller

    Note: In the observation field please define the references and quantities of your choice.

    10 pack Walli Switch

    PK10 FGWDSEU-221
    €555.00 excl tax
    10 units of the same reference

    An intelligent switch integrated with the button used in a system with one or two independently controlled loads. Designed for quick installation in sockets. Equipped with a LED ring and functionalities known from Fibaro modules.

    10 pack Walli Dimmer

    PK10 FGWDEU-111
    €555.00 excl tax
    10 units of the same reference

    Intelligent lighting dimmer with integrated light switch. Works with commercially available lighting source such as: LED diodes, compact lamps, traditional bulbs and halogen lamps. The device is equipped with automatic calibration functions and active power and energy measurement.

    10 Pack walli Outlet type F

    PK10 FGWOF-011
    €555.00 excl tax
    An intelligent electrical outlet that allows to control and manage the device connected to it. Equipped with a LED ring, informing about current consumption. The maximum load is 3680W.

    10 pack Walli Roller Shutter

    PK10 FGWREU-111
    €555.00 excl tax
    Intelligent roller blinds controller that allows you to manage the gate, roller blinds, blinds and scenes with a single click.