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    Transceiver Module - TM13I

    €36.89 incl tax
    The TM13 responds to wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals from any X10 wireless remote controls or wireless wall switches. It re-transmits, over the house wiring, any signals it receives from these wireless remote controls or wall switches.
    A built-in appliance switched outlet responds to X10 signals received on the power line or to RF signals received from any X10 wireless remote controls. The TM13 responds to a serial control message in "STANDARD" X10 format : "All units off" from any X10 controller set to its house code regardless of unit code, or alternatively, by individual unit controller by "On" and "Off".
    The TM13 can be polled for its status by the CM11E (two way universal computer interface) or by any controller using the PROFESSIONAL X10 format. When used with the CM11E interface, the TM13E acts as the "RF gateway" to get signals from any X10 wireless transmitter onto the AC wiring, to be received by the CM11E interface to initiate macros.

    Transceiver Module - Refurbished TM13G / TM13F / TM13I / TM13U

    €36.78 incl tax
    The TM13 is an X10 radio-frequency converter in X10 powerline commands.
    This equipment is necessary to control the X10 receivers (lights or apparatus from any RF X10 control.
    Receives and transmits X10 signals ON / OFF, Dim / Bright, All lights ON, All units off, among others.
    The TM13W is itself an X10 device actuator, you can connect and control any electrical device.

    In-wall filter

    €42.93 incl tax
    Some electric devices generate some electric noise and send them to the network. This noise not only affects other devices (for instance, they can cause interference on Hi-Fi stereos) but they can also affect the quality of your X-10 network. Other devices, specially using capacity loads (e.g. UPS) absorb the X-10 signals, avoiding them to reach the destination in the best possible conditions.

    The S4813M, is an in-wall module especially design to filter all noise generated from the device connected to it. It supports loads with a maximum of 5A.

    For additional information about X-10 noise and interferences, please consult the X-10 Info section.

    X10 PC RF Encrypted Interface (Serial Port)

    €18.45 incl tax

    Programmer and Controller

    €786.52 incl tax

    Computer Interface Xanura

    €553.50 incl tax
    The Xanura computer interface allows you to control all applications through X10 modules.

    You can save scenarios in the CIX module to run automatically even with the interface disconnected from the computer. Adding or modifying scenarios can be done very simply. with the included Xanura software. This software also allows programming of so-called conditional scenarios; for example, "IF" the switch is operated "E" is dark, "THEN" the room lighting goes on ...

    By installing the included software, you can automatically control devices or groups of X10 switching devices based on an electronic clock / calendar.

    Signal Strength Indicator

    PLC Auto
    €212.24 incl tax

    Universal Alarm Interface

    €44.99 incl tax
    Connects to an existing system and turns on lights when tripped. It has 3 modes of operation:
    In mode 1 the SM10 will turn On all Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules set to its House code, and will also turn On any other Modules set to its Unit code, a stereo connected to an Appliance Module, for example. All Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Module are left in the On state when the system is deactivated, but the Module set to the same Unit code as the SM10 will turn Off.
    In mode 2 the SM10 will FLASH all lights connected to Lamp Modules or Wall Switch Modules. All Lamp and Wall Switch Modules will be left in the On state when the system is de-activated but Appliance modules set to the same House code as the SM10 will turn Off.
    In mode 3 the SM10 will turn ON any Module set to the same House Code and Unit Code as the SM10 when the system is activated and turns it OFF when the input contact is opened.
    Set the input switch to A for triggering the interface by a low voltage input (6-8 V AC, DC or audio), to B for triggering the interface by a dry contact closure. Do not connect 220V to the input terminal!
    The SM10 has a test button which allows you to activate it whether or not it is connected to a system. The All light off button allows you to turn off anything which has been turned on by the interface.
    To install the SM10 (is expected to be installed inside the security controller panel) :
    • Connect the system output to the screw terminals.
    • Connect the flying lead to the 230V power supply, most likely at the 230V side of the transformer.

    Wall-mounted Appliance Receiver

    €38.95 incl tax
    Replaces the conventional wall switches. Can be controlled remotely via X10 signals. Directly receives the signals sent by X10 commands wireless, requires no tools.

    Mini Timer

    €44.90 incl tax
    It can be programmed so easily as an alarm clock.
    It allows 8 timed events.
    Can be used as na alarm clock.