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    AJAX KeyPad

    €85.41 incl tax
    Wireless touch keypad is used for arming/disarming of Ajax security system. It is mounted in the room near the entrance door to provide quick access to the keypad.

    AJAX KeyPad Plus

    €99.90 incl tax
    Wireless touch keypad supporting encrypted contactless cards and key fobs


    €5.51 incl tax
    Encrypted contactless key fob for keypad PLUS


    €5.51 incl tax
    Encrypted contactless card for keypad PLUS

    AJAX SpaceControl

    €26.17 incl tax
    Un mando para controlar los modos de seguridad. Cuenta con un botón de pánico para enviar alarmas a su círculo interno y una compañía de seguridad en caso de problemas.

    Ocbridge Plus

    ocBridge Plus
    €57.86 incl tax
    Receiver module for connecting Ajax detectors to wired and hybrid security systems. The device is integrated into any central unit with wired security areas.

    AJAX uartBridge

    €28.01 incl tax
    The receiver module for connecting Ajax detectors to wireless security systems and smart home solutions.

    AJAX WallSwitch

    €37.20 incl tax
    The radio channel controller allows to control domestic appliances remotely. It is used to switch on/off irons, garage gates, water heaters and heat-insulated floors.

    AJAX Relay

    €37.20 incl tax
    The relay is a wireless low-voltage relay. The relay can be used to remotely switch on/off devices powered by a 7-24 V DC source. The device communicates with the hub via the Jeweller radio protocol.

    AJAX Socket

    From €60.33 incl tax
    The AJAX Socket is a smart power plug for full control of your devices. The Socket can help prevent damage in the event of power surges, but it is mainly used to save energy and automate standard tasks. The Socket simply plugs between your current plug and your wall socket, and then you are able to use the Ajax App. thousands of miles from home to turn on your lights, manage devices, monitor power consumption, etcetera. Especially for hot water boilers this is very interesting. If you forgot to remove the plug of the boiler after departure, that’s no longer a problem. Curious how much power a certain device costs? With this Socket you can read it exactly. Also ideal when renting out houses, you can track exactly how much electricity your guests use.

    AJAX MultiTransmitter

    From €109.48 incl tax
    Tens of detectors and kilometers of wire can now effortlessly be transformed into a modern smartphone-controlled security system. Replacing the old security central unit, the module connects wired devices to a hub and makes them a full-fledged part of Ajax. MultiTransmitter is a step towards awareness and reliability. For a security company, it opens the possibility to configure the equipment remotely, and users get all the benefits of managing the system through an app.