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    Zipabox - Z-Wave Expansion Module

    €49.00 incl tax
    The Zipato Z-Wave Extension Module connects the Zipato Zipabox2 with devices which work with Z-Wave technology. These devices can be combined with other technologies (e.g. KNX) into smart home automation rules within the smart home network using a Zipabox with different extension modules.

    Zipabox - KNX Expansion Module

    €129.00 incl tax

    The KNX module allows the connection between the Zipato system and an KNX installation.

    After connecting the module to an KNX network, ZipaBox enables their users to control their KNX devices from a remote way. Likewise allows the control from inside a KNX network devices from other technologies.

    Zipabox - Backup and 3G communication Expansion Module

    €99.00 incl tax
    Adds battery backup and USB for 3G data connection backup to ZipaBox. The Backup module is usually used in security applications and in all other cases when reliability is important. It provides redundant battery power for 24 hours as well as enables using 3G stick for data backup line from GSM operator.

    Zipabox - Zigbee Expansion Module

    €59.00 incl tax

    ZigBee is a low-cost, low-power, wireless mesh network standard.

    The low cost allows the technology to be widely deployed in wireless control and monitoring applications. Low power-usage allows longer life with smaller batteries.

    Mesh networking provides high communication reliability and more extensive range. ZigBee expansion module allowes Zipabox to communicate with all ZigBee enabled devices and integrate them into one unified home automation network.

    Since majority of smart energy meters supports ZigBee, Zipabox becomes even more interested for consumers, telcos and utilities to integrate smart metering applications within connected home.

    Zipabox - EnOcean expansion module EU
    €69.00 incl tax
    Zipabox EnOcean expansion module extends your Zipabox Smart Home Controller with support for EnOcean energy harvesting devices. The module plugs into Zipabox expansion slot to support EnOcean wireless communication. EnOcean radio signals can be received from up to 100 feet away indoors. Another expansion module can be snapped onto the EnOcean Module.

    Zipabox - P1 expansion module

    €59.00 incl tax
    By using P1 expansion module, Zipabox can interconnect with an existing electricity meter which supports P1 standard.

    Zipabox - Serial expansion module

    €49.00 incl tax
    Zipabox Serial expansion module enables Zipabox to easily interconnect with an existing security alarm system, such as DSC or PARADOX. Number of external systems supported by Zipato is increasing all the time, and Zipato is providing SDK to all the parties interested in supporting various protocols. It also includes USB port for connecting 3G USB stick for backup internet connection so your Zipabox never loses connection with the cloud.

    Zipabox - 433 MHz Expansion Module

    €59.00 incl tax

    433Mhz spectrum range is traditionaly being used by many simple and cost effective wireless devices.

    Long range and high reliability makes those products as the perfect choice for the cost effective security and automation applications where two-way communication is not needed. However, there is a wide vairety of different protocols available on the market and making them work all together is impossible withou a sofisticated gateway device.

    By using the 433MHz expansion module, Zipabox allowing you to, not just to connect vast majojrity of the popular protocols based on 433Mhz to work together, but also, to connect them all together to work within a same network with Z-wave, Zigbee and KNX devices.

    Zipabox - Security Expansion Module

    €139.00 incl tax

    Integrate wired security sensors and accessories into your Zipato control system by adding the Zipato Zipabox Security Module. The module snaps into a Zipato expansion slot to immediately add a variety of wired inputs. Another expansion module can be snapped onto the Security Module.

    Zipato - Power Expansion Module

    €149.00 incl tax

    Monitor the energy consumption of up to four channels with the Zipato Zipabox Power Module. This add-on module snaps into a Zipato expansion slot. Once connected, the Power Module instantaneously measures voltage, current, and power values for each channel and sends real-time data to your Zipato web portal. Using this information, you can then create energy-saving rules in the Zipato Rule Creator.

    To perform the measurement is necessary to use the current clamps ZWZIP_AMPCLAMP35(purchased separately).

    Current Clamp Power module

    €25.01 incl tax

    The ZipaBox Current Clamps are used for energy monitoring with the Zipato Power Module (not included) to sense the current of monitored channels.

    Complements the Expansion Module ZWZIP_ZBMPOWER.

    Tag RFID Black or White

    From €3.91 incl tax
    The Tag RFID is to be used with the Zipato Mini RFID + Z-Wave Keypad.

    White RFID Card

    €3.91 incl tax
    The RFID Card is to be used with the Zipato Mini RFID + Z-Wave Keypad.

    Extensor Z-Wave-IR

    €82.00 incl tax
    Z-Wave to IR extender for air-conditioning (AC) devices. It works with any Z-Wave compliant gateway or controller by translating Z-Wave thermostat Commands to AC IR control code. IR Extender also comes with built-in temperature sensor which allows gateway or controller to get the current room temperature.

    Z-Wave Remote
    €59.00 incl tax
    Zipato Z-Wave Remote is a simple remote controller that can control your AV devices through Z-Wave-to-IR extender, and via basic set it can also ON/OFF switch 8 lighting groups, based on Z-Wave technology. When used with Zipato home automation controllers it can be part of any automation scenario created using Zipato Rule Creator. Accordingly it can be used to automatically trigger other Z-Wave devices when activated.