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    Wireless Thermostat

    €65.03 excl tax €79.99 excl tax
    INSTEON Wireless Thermostat is a wireless, battery-operated, one-day programmable, INSTEON-compatible thermostat. INSTEON Wireless Thermostat includes a humidity sensor and the ability to communicate via RF to other INSTEON devices and thermostats.
    INSTEON Wireless Thermostat does not connect directly to the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system.
    INSTEON Wireless Thermostat may be used as a standalone INSTEON controller capable of controlling other INSTEON responders. On its own, INSTEON Wireless Thermostat sends out notifications based on temperature status and can even control standalone heaters and fans plugged into INSTEON On/Off modules.
    INSTEON Wireless Thermostats can also be linked to your main INSTEON Thermostat controller to create extra temperature zones in your home.
    INSTEON Thermostat displays the temperature readouts from up to two linked INSTEON Wireless Thermostats on its display.
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