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    5WG1523-1AB11 Venetian blind actuator

    €384.01 incl tax
    Venetian Blind Actuator 8 Channels Sunlight Tracking of Slats
    Availability: 3 in stock

    5WG1523-1AB11 Venetian blind actuator - Recondicioned

    5WG1523-1AB11 REFB
    €258.30 incl tax
    Venetian Blind Actuator 8 Channels Sunlight Tracking of Slats
    Availability: 1 in stock

    Siemens Switch 5WG1 110-2AB11 Instabus EIB

    €34.27 incl tax
    Bus coupling unit, with BCU1 Mounting depth 19/32 mm
    Availability: 35 in stock

    Siemens Push Button 5WG1 285-2AB11

    5WG1 285-2AB11
    €86.10 incl tax
    Pushbutton, single, neutral, titanium white.
    Availability: 31 in stock

    Siemens Line/backbone coupler 5WG1140-1AB13

    €396.06 incl tax
    Siemens Line or backbone coupler
    Availability: 4 in stock

    Siemens Scene Module 5WG1 300-1AB01

    5WG1 300-1AB01
    €120.54 incl tax
    The scene module N 300 is a N-system DIN-rail mounted device. It stores up to four scenes that can be restored via recall telegrams. A scene consists of switching/ dimming adjustments, optionally to be combined with e.g. extreme positions of venetian blinds
    Availability: 1 in stock

    Siemens Connector 5WG1 191-5AB01

    5WG1 191-5AB01
    €43.05 incl tax
    The REG 191/01 connector creates a connection between the data rails within a distributor cabinet or between a data rail and the bus line installed in the building.
    Availability: 2 in stock

    Siemens Switch 5TD2 120

    5TD2 120
    €10.33 incl tax
    Siemens switch for electrical installation. The connection is made through practical connection terminals, designed as plug-in terminals. The DELTA UP button device can be combined with all Siemens flush-mounted programs.
    Availability: 59 in stock

    Siemens Key 5TG7 140

    5TG7 140
    €8.61 incl tax
    Siemens Key 5TG7140 Delta Style, double neutral in titanium white color. The material of the Delta Style key can be combined with Delta inserts (neutral program).
    Availability: 27 in stock

    Siemens Key 5TG7 144

    5TG7 144
    €8.61 incl tax
    Siemens Titanium White Key
    Availability: 2 in stock