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    Wireless Keypad

    €72.08 incl tax
    Wireless keypad for complete system and home automation control

    Commpact Wireless Multifunction Keyfob

    €42.63 incl tax
    Our advanced secusafe solution includes a newly designed compact keyfob, utilizing a single off-the-shelf battery with longer battery life, which can easily fit onto users’ keychains for fashionable convenience and control.
    Availability: Out of stock

    Keypad / Remote Control

    €93.01 incl tax
    The EL-2640 enables arming and disarming the system, panic signal activation and control of home automation devices with the convenience of an easy-to-use portable device.
    • Numeric keypad
    • Remote control of 16 home automation devices
    • Intuitive one-touch Full/Part/Perimeter arm
    • Panic alarm function
    • 9V alkaline battery powered
    • Transmission and battery status LED indication
    • Mounting bracket

    Wireless repeater

    €125.00 incl tax
    The EL-2635 Wireless Repeater extends the range between the control panel and wireless detectors, eliminating problematic reception area.
    The EL-2635 Wireless Repeater is programmed using a dedicated keypad which provides a menu-driven interface to system programming and tests.

    • Up to 32 transmitters registration
    • LCD programming keypad plug-in connection
    • Battery and AC status LED indication
    • 9VAC or 12VDC transformer
    • 6V/850mAh backup battery (5 x 1.2 Ni-MH Rechargeable cells, size AAAL)
    • Built-in transmitter and receiver
    • Tamper switch

    Stand Alone receiver

    €77.47 incl tax
    Our Standalone Receiver can be used to easily upgrade any wired alarm system to an enhanced wireless system with all the benefits of advanced wireless peripherals. Includes a simple, menu-driven programming interface and supports up to 8 detectors and 16 keyfobs.

    Programming Keypad for EL-2635 (Radio Repeater)

    €138.52 incl tax
    This keypad is required when using the EL-2635 - Wireless Repeater.

    Compact Aluminum Magnetic Contact

    €14.00 incl tax
    Large magnetic power GAP up to 40mm Recommended for special applications (large doors)