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    Paddle for SW10G, LW11G e AW10G

    €4.99 incl tax
    Pladdle for SW10G, LW11G e AW10G.

    Pack 10 two load appliance in-wall modules

    €307.49 incl tax
    The S2268M module allow to control two individual loads, being small enough (43 x 47 x 18,9 mm) to fit behind a wall switch or junction box. It allows to control both internal relay either using any conventional electric switch (push buttons are not supported) or remotely, using any X-10 compatible controller.

    R.F. micromodule pack

    €46.95 incl tax
    Radio control of lights and other devices. Easy to use.
    The RMML actuator micromodules can be concealed behind regular switches, ceilings, technical boxes, etc. and can be controlled by the EM, R.F. switch emitter (battery operated), which can be placed anywhere in the wall or furniture.